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In Ahmad al-Fargoni Culture and Amusement Park of the regional centre there was an event dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children and the week on the same name timed to it under the slogan «Love and care — for each child». The organisers — hokimiyats of the region and the city of Fergana, the regional women’s committee, administrations of public education, cultural affairs, the departments of charity foundations such as «Mahalla», «Soglom Avlod Uchun» and a number of partner organisations.

  1. Tojieva, the deputy hokim of the region and the chairperson of the regional women’s committee, noted that the reforms being introduced into various fields under the leadership of our country’s President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoev will serve such good purposes as improving the spirituality of the young generation, raising boys and girls as comprehensively healthy and harmonically developed persons, granting them opportunities to receive intimate knowledge and achieve their potentials. In the course of implementing the tasks set in the Action Strategy on five priority areas for the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, all levels of education, the medical field are improving according to the spirit of the time. Projects on ensuring family interests, educating the rising generation, respecting national traditions and values are being consequently implemented.

All these are reflected in different events, creative contests, charitable contributions, concerts and festivals, social projects, which became clearly apparent during «Love and care — for each child» week.

That day there were sporting events and relay races in the park. The winners were awarded prizes.

The regional and city departments of Kamolot Social Youth Movement organised an informative and entertaining game called «Vesyolyye Ostanovki».

A pavement art competition named «My Motherland — Uzbekistan», creative quizzes named «My Favourite Book», «I am a «Kamalak» activist» and other competitions revealed the abilities of young artists and book lovers.  Those who distinguished themselves were given certificates of honour, books  and souvenirs.

The most little ones could play and have their photos taken as a memento with fairy tale characters.  Students from music and art schools, children’s creative teams from culture and entertainment centres, well-known pop singers appeared on the stages. And this gave enormous joy to the children and their parents. Children’s laughter was everywhere.

As part of the week, Schastlivoye Detstvo (Happy Childhood) project was implemented too. It involved educational conferences such as «Ecology and Me», «Action Strategy in My View», «Erudite Book Lover» action, visual and applied arts exhibitions and also children’s sports contests. The events held in Kokand, Kuvasay, Margilan, regional districts were attended by a large audience of boys and girls.

«For parents there is nothing dearer than the joy of their children,» said Gulnoza Karimova, a new mother from Bahor mahalla in Fergana. «And these holidays doubled their joy. A wide variety of contests, concert programmes, cheerful performances, presents and prizes —  all these will stay in our children’s memories for a long time, have a positive influence on their upbringing. As parents, we are grateful to the organisers for care, love and attention.”


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Translated by Maruf Abdullaev

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