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Last Sunday the Regional Tatar National Cultural Centre invited guests and residents of the city to Ahmad al-Fargoni Culture and Amusement Park to celebrate its anniversary, the tenth Sabantuy.   The main holiday of the Tatar people, signifying the successful completion of spring field work, is celebrated on the first days of summer.  Traditionally, the celebrations include public festivities, songs and dances, sporting events…

The local people, residents of cities and districts started gathering an hour before its beginning. Representatives of different ethnic groups and ages came together like one single family to celebrate the holiday representing the joy of life, friendliness, kindness and tolerance.

The participants were warmly welcomed by Ravil Tugushev, chairman of the Tatar National Cultural Centre. He noted that there were all the conditions in Uzbekistan to preserve, mutually enrich and develop national cultures. The conduction of such public festivals jointly with other creative teams of the centres strengthens inter-ethnic relations.

Topiboldi Kholdorov, chairman of the regional department of Nuroni fund, and Sayyora Olimova, deputy hokim of the city of Fergana and the chairperson of the women’s committee of the city, made their speeches and expressed their best wished to everyone.  They noted that in our country a lot of attention was given to issues relating to inter-ethnic unity. The national cultural centres acting in the region are doing their best to make a contribution to strengthening inter-ethnic accord, enriching cultures, traditions and customs. And this is becoming vividly apparent during such public festivities.

In accordance with the good tradition, the concert programme was opened by the regular guests of the events — a tambourine ensemble from Fergana Children’s Music and Art School No.4. They set a festive mood with their rhythmical performance.

The performance of the melodious «Sabantuy», «Assalom Aleykum», «Ay, janym» by the participants of Kubalyagem Tatar songs ensemble in fancy costumes emphasised the ethnic flavour of the event.     The concert programme was continued by the members of the children’s music club called Zvoydochka.  The young, mischievous vocalists performed the songs «Yaz kilya», «Djaz», «Shariki Vozdushnyye».  Immediately after that there were vivid, colourful Uzbek national dances such as «Mirosiy» and «Khorezmiyskiy» presented by Tabassum dance group from Music and Art School No.4 (the art director — Nargiza Otabekova). The audience was also delighted with the dancing skills of the girls from Illyuziya ensemble of the Regional Tatar National Centre.

One of the typical features of the TCC is that creative teams from other national centres can also participate in its concerts. This time it was the representatives of the Slavic one: Vdokhnoveniye national vocal ensemble and Sudarushka folk ensemble, which added new colours with their chastushkas and other cheerful songs.

The song «Vstrecha» performed by Ravil Tugushev and Elina Arden, the duo Noktyurn, made a strong impression on the audience. The song contained the lyrics «..summer rain…», and as if the heavens heard them. And it started raining lightly on all the holiday participants, but it did not ruin their good mood.

Where there is a public festivity there must surely be competitions too.  Sportsmen from Margilan performed close combat techniques, volte-faces and somersaults.  And at the end of the event, they contested tug-of-war.

Traditional contests were very interesting too. This time volunteers tried their hands at performing a Tatar folk dance. The most active ones were presented with valuable prizes. At the end of Sabantuy 2017, everyone took part in a Tatar disco. This joyous and heart-warming summer holiday was held in such a merry, colourful and friendly way.

«I very much enjoyed this anniversary Sabantuy,» said Boris Stepanov, head of the family.  «Last year the Regional Tatar National Cultural Centre invited different artists from the Republic of Tatarstan, but this time we were delighted with new duos and dance ensembles.»

«When I was passing through the park, I heard some cheerful music,» says Khojiakbar Yunusov, a university applicant. «It turned out that the people here were celebrating the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy. To be honest, it is the first time I have ever attended such a holiday. Beautiful songs, dynamic dances, the sound of music cheered me up, I saw the art with my own eyes, and now I am sure that I will certainly attend the next Sabantuy.»

Translated by Maruf Abdullaev

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